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Rules and How to enter:

1. One entry per YouTube channel maximum of two entries.

2. Materials...The sky is the limit and so is the theme. 

3. Must be built by you not purchased.

4. Make a two minute video of your Whirligig working (in motion). I really want to see it in action 
powered by the wind... as a last resort if there is no wind then use a fan. In order to qualify it 
must be seen in the video in motion. The video can be as long as you want but the first two minutes
of your video must be of your Whirligig working (in motion).

5. Upload your video to your YouTube channel. The video name must contain Whirligig Wars 2017.
   You may include any other description you want but it must contain Whirligig Wars 2017.

6. You must be subscribed to Simply Wooden Creations on YouTube.

7. Send an email to: 

Subject Line must contain the words Whirligig Wars 2017.
The BODY of the e-mail must contain exactly as follows:

Your Entry Video URL from YouTube

Phone Number

Your e-mail must be received by midnight on July 31st 2017 to qualify to enter. 

Entrants are also asked to provide any other information they feel may aid in contacting them if needed. 

Address, phone numbers, etc. All information provided will not be shared and will only be used for 

contest communications and will not be shared or released. 

Simply Wooden Creations reserves the right to modify the rules, dates, times, disqualify entries etc. as needed do to unforeseen circumstances.

Sponsors of the Art



What is a Whirligig:

A whirligig generally combines the functions of a weather-vane and a windmill. To be more specific, it’s basically a weather-vane with a windmill on one side to help it catch the wind better. Many experts believe the whirligig is very old, dating back as far as the 1100's. Although whirligigs are made to have a practical purpose in showing wind direction, they’ve become more associated with their use in yard ornamentation and as children’s toys. Many have artistic or amusing designs so that the windmill function drives mechanical movements in wooden figures shaped like people or animals. 

Sometimes a whirligig is made so that the figure's arms are the windmills, but they can also be a bit more complex than that. Some are made to harness the power of the wind and use it to drive complex mechanical movements. For example, a whirligig could be made with a figure sitting on a bicycle. The windmill would capture the wind power and cause the figure to pedal the bike, possibly even making the wheels turn.



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