2016 Whirligig Wars

2016 Whirligig Wars Playlist

Winners Announcement:

Thank you everyone who entered the Whirligig Wars 2016 Contest. It was really tough to judge when all the entries where so fantastic. Also a big shout out to all the sponsors. Rockler...Fastcap...Centipede Tools...Izzy Swan (Think Woodworks)  for all the awesome prizes we had this year. (Scroll down to see sponsors links and prizes)

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The Winners Are: 

1. Mark Woodrum - Buggy Ride (Ohio) 

2. Paul Godfrey - Ireland (Ireland) 

3. Shawn Wynne - Ride That Pony (California) 

4. Yvonne Bailey - St. Bernard (California) 

5. Donna Presley - Zombies Fighting (Alabama) 

6. Shane Cole - Gardener beating rabbits (N Dakota) 

7. Debi Shipman Halloween ( Kansas)


Rules and How to enter:

1. Only one entry per person/household.

2. Materials...The sky is the limit and so is the theme. 

3. Make a two minute video of your Whirligig working (in motion). If there is no wind
   then use a fan. I really want to see it in motion under wind power even if it's artificial.

4. Upload your video to your YouTube channel. The video name must contain Whirligig Wars 2016.
   You may include any other description you want but it must contain Whirligig Wars 2016.

5. Send an email to contest@simplywoodencreations.com. 

Subject Line must contain the words Whirligig Wars 2016.
The BODY of the e-mail must contain exactly as follows:

Your Entry Video URL from YouTube. 

Phone Number

Entrants are also asked to provide any other information they feel may aid in contacting them if needed. 

Address, phone numbers, etc. All information provided will not be shared and will only be used for 

contest communications and will not be shared or released. 

Simply Wooden Creations reserves the right to modify the rules, dates, times etc. as needed do to unforeseen circumstances.

Sponsors of the Art





Our Sponsors

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